sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

random thoughts

Orange light of a dying sun in the horizon was bathing the flag of my country when I passed by the Global Citizens Plaza. The most romantic feeling of patriotism invaded my soul when my eyes captured the moment. The warm atmosphere was cooled by a fresh blast of wind that gave movement to my flag. The light blue on its two vertical bars seemed to glow against the orange sky, the white on its middle bar hinted to me his coat of arms. As I kept on walking, the musical noise of a group of little birds in some bougainvillea trees made me feel at home. They might not be the same birds I remember, but their sound is almost the same. 

Whenever I see dark clouds I think of rain. Here the sky doesn't work in the same way. Dark clouds mean lightnings, and that is about it. This past three days the sky has been a little more cloudy than usual. Although the clouds are not completely dark nor cover the whole sky, they did brought rain this time.

I was sitting outside the building, waiting for the time to come when I had my first class of the day, when I felt a drop of water fell on my arm. "What the fuck is that?", I thought. The last thing I thought that drop was in that moment was rain. But as I felt many more drops I realized that it might be, in fact, rain. A kind-of-gray cloud was covering like 10% of the sky right above me; the day was clear as always though. One by one, the drops of rain painted the concrete of the plaza. By the time my class had ended I went out and saw all these little puddles formed in the floor. A very nostalgic moment, I most say. It doesn't rain like back in my country.

Today it happened again. I was walking down the street towards the central plaza of Orange (La Plazuela but smaller) and a few blocks before getting there, it started raining. Compared to the heavy rain I remember, it was a joke, but it was a relief from the extremely hot weather that I now have to bear. I wonder why it didn't spontaneously rained last sunday, when the thermometers where showing temperatures above 40º Celsius. 

3 comentarios:

  1. viejo, pero si vos siempre has sido caliente, no hay mucha diferencia o si?

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