martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

To study has become a privilege.

There I was, sitting by myself at the cafeteria, eating scrambled eggs with bacon. The last thing that came to me was the feeling of doing something special, different, but the feeling came in the form of the need of peeing. And so I did.

It was 8:40 and I was walking toward Beckman Hall, my new M5 without the clouds of tobacco and the faces I knew. I heard someone speaking spanish, it was one of the gardeners. Then another person was speaking spanish and it made me realized that, besides me, all the Latinos around me where working their asses off probably because they need to do so to feed their family. "I'm lucky" -I thought. I am lucky indeed.

Used to huge classrooms full of desks and people as I am, I felt out of place, at first, as I walked in the my classroom and looked around me. A few tables, 29 other students, three whiteboards, a computer for the teacher... I sat down in one of the chairs and felt like I was sitting in the back of  a sheep. The first class began. Anthropology. Then two hours latter I was done with my second class, Precalculus. Every minute of a total of 50 minutes was well used by the professors to explain each and every point of the syllabus (don't know what that is? I didn't either hehe), like the outline of the subjects of the course.

By noon I was free, but the truth is that I have had a feeling of freedom since I am living by myself on campus. I decide when to do what and how to do it. Even though I'm alone 80% of the time, what can I say? I love that extra me-time (is not that kind of me-time, get your mind out of the gutter!). As I was walking back to the dorms, I read the name of the university in the seats of the stadium. I am lucky because I get to live one of my many dreams. The one that seems to be the key that opens the door to new dreams. But that is not the only reason why I am lucky. While I was eating pizza and listening to Jorge Drexler, USAC is closed, my friends are not studying, people is even dying or being beaten up(if you don't believe me, google it). Being here, studying here... is a privileged, and there is not enough words in the language of the queen or in spanish to express how grateful I feel to have met people like Carmen and her family, and there is simply no way to express how grateful I feel towards my family, my mom in particular.

Right after classes I should be reading, everyday. Because I like to, and because I have to.

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  1. =) syllabus es palabra la aprendi en the big bang theory!! jajaja
    indeed you're lucky to be living one of many dreams!!

  2. mano que paso con las "chocoaventuras" de diego romero alias bolovan? ya llevas 25 dias de atraso con tu blog, deberias de seguir escribiendo almenos cada 2 semanas sino vas a descontinuar esta onda