viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

"are you gonna be studying here at Cal?" "nope..." (you should have said yes!)

If I didn't say this before, then this is the right time to say it. The University of California at Berkeley has one of the most beautiful campus, with museums, libraries, laboratories... when you walk inside it you feel academy and intellectuality (outside is a different story in many ways).

One of the things I wanted to do the most is honored one of my best friends, Carmen, by following her advise and have a cup of coffee at Strada, and go to UC Berkeley again before coming back to souther California. And so we did, and the coffee was good. But something was missing in this Cal experience. I felt like I was gonna need some more proof that I wen to Berkeley (not to study but at least to visit). 

One thing I have noticed about churches, universities, schools, museums, etc., here in the United States is that there is always a gif shop. Always. Cal is not the exception and so Carmen's mother took me to the Cal Store. Blond and smily, the cashier was not just friendly but smoking hot and beautiful. As I was looking at the sweaters with the word Cal on, and listening to her sexy voice, all I could think of was "go bears!" and "huuyyyy". Among all the pick up lines that I could have use and all the different thing that I could have use to start a small chat I picked none. The reason: I wast lost and her beauty and my mind was walking around the campus. 

With my cup of coffee from Strada and my new sweater from Cal (of course I wasn't wearing it), the 6-hour trip to Los Alamitos began. 

Miles of hills and crops, towers and cables, channels and rivers, one wind farm and some little oil drillings along the road where the target of my camera.  A bit more than 90 pictures to capture the beauty of the agriculture and industry of the San Joaquin valley. Back in LA it was time to faced the stressful traffic.

In the night I had time to meet with a good friend of mine, Justin Young. He's getting ready to participate in a triathlon to raise funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives (for more information:

To finish day twelve, I decided to watch the movie that Carmen's mother Christine, recomended: Berkeley in the 60's, about the movement of free speech on Cal's campus.

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