martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

the hottest day of the summer.

I can't think of any other steep in my life that could seemingly be harder than to live by my self and being many miles away from my country. But so far so good. I have't had any problems in my first day at the dorms and the new school. Many comparisons can be made, between USAC and Chapman, but beyond academics and the environment, I would have to compare two different countries, two different societies... and so on.

Of all the days of the year, they had to pick the hottest day of the summer (according to the local news) to move us to the dorms. My but is getting grilled as I write this words in a bench near the library. But the day is beautiful, and the school looks amazing under the sun of California -southern California.

Yesterday, Carmen's mother, Christine, took me to Cerritos' Library. All the libraries I've ever been at look boring (and I love books) when you compare them to that one. Just the children's area was so big that had its own little aquarium and a replica of a dinosaur plus enough space for the kids to read among thousands of books. The reading room with hardback books in every shelf and the most comfortable chairs and sofas to read... everything was amazing.

One thing I have noticed in this country is that EVERY PLACE has a store. Churches, museums, libraries, universities... there's always some place to buy something to reminds you that you were there. I guess is just to act coherently with the philosophy of free market or just a cultural thing.

I would love to keep writing, but my brain is melting. Blame the sun and the season.

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